Welcome Home


Focus on this very moment. Envelope yourself into this present moment in time where there are little to no worries, when happiness is wrapped around you like a wool blanket, when contentment is being introduced to you as an old friend. Be welcoming to these foreign entities, even though they may feel strange. They are a mix of a little something old, a little something new, but unrecognizable to you. At this very moment, they are alien-like. You are safe, no matter what you try to convince yourself. It is going to take time to warm up to this new life. It is going to be filled with introductions and reunions. At times, it may even be chaotic and a little bit overwhelming, but trust the process. You will eventually get a hang of remembering the good ones and learning to ignore the handshake and greetings of others.  You’ll grow to be completely invisible to the rotten fruit of the bunch and those pesky flies will stop buzzing annoyingly in your ears whispering false truths and shallow promises.  You will no longer have to carry out the trash, exterminate, eradicate, erase.  There will only be a clean counter, a wiped slate. And here, we have arrived.

That time is now, this very moment. The house has been cleaned. Breathe in the fresh scent of eternal spring cleaning, of openness, of freedom to surround yourself with revisiting furnishings of old and new. Replenish your porcelain bowl. Draw back the drapes. Soak in the pleasant feeling of sun shining on both sides of your equator for the first time in what seems like eternity. Dust off the remaining shelves to make room for more fulfilling memories of new beginnings. Look around this once dismally lit room that at one time was stacked to the ceiling with hoarded trash, that was once covered in cobwebs of neglect. It now has been given the opportunity to show its full potential. Fill it to the brink with trinkets of adventures and journeys beyond its borders. Fill the air with as much genuine laughter and passionate conversations as the walls can hold. Always keep the blinds open to ensure that light knows it’s always welcome. There is no longer places for cockroaches to hide in the dark because light floods brilliantly in every corner. Books are scattered throughout the room, but they are blank. Canvases swing from nails on the wall, intricate frames reflecting the fluorescent glow of blank ivory. These pieces remain untouched to give you the opportunity to be your own inspiration of beauty. To give the beauty that has been meshed deeply within you a chance to finally reveal itself. Fill your room with plants to remind yourself that, at one point or another, you believed in the process of growth.

This room is yours. You have the creative freedom over every aspect. It will never be sold, leased or rented. You are the landlord. You are the beams, the framework, the fabric that holds this structure together. Without you, it will crumble. Take care of your home. It is the only body you have.

Older Soul Studios