I will walk and cure myself in the sunshine and wind. I will make sure to wiggle my toes in the grass and rustle my soles deep into the moist Earth. My nostrils will inhale and embrace the delicate aroma of pine and wildflowers. My eyelashes will flutter to deflect the piercing rays of sunlight as they escape through the openings in the roof of the forest. My hands will roam over the dangling leaves of bowing branches. My ears attune to the chirping of the birds and the buzzing of passing insects. This is where I come to find myself when I am lost.

The embrace of surrounding trees, the tender voice of a rustling forest, the vivacious life of Mother Nature brings life to this Earth and puts life into once hollow holes of my being. The forest always has a way of reviving me and bringing me to a sense of renewal. Maybe that is why I have always flocked to the forest since childhood. I found comfort in the swishing leaves, the decaying smell of Earth, the texture of bark, and the cushioned steps on top of a forest floor.

Wherever I could find a place to be under the shelter of trees and branches, I yearned to be there.  I stared willingly out of car windows examining all the forests and wooded areas I passed. Curiously wondering what it would be like if I was standing in the crisp shade staring at the buzzing highway. If instead of being surrounded by glass, metal, and plastic, I could be enveloped in the symphony of a million different forms of life.

Nothing anchored me to Earth more than the roots of oaks and maples. Nothing made me feel more at home than Mother nature.

Older Soul Studios