“Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive.”

I want to be able to wake up every single day knowing that the rising sun is an indication of a new awakening. I want to be able to rise knowing that in some way I will be evolving today. I want to thoroughly enjoy each day, embrace it in all of its entirety, and immediately discard it the moment I close my eyes for the night.

Salvaging the cherished moments and the treasured lessons that the day had granted me. I want to fall asleep knowing that I had only spent my day doing what made me happy with people that brought out the best in me. All the while spreading and sharing goodness to others. Time and a peace of mind, to me, are the most precious. We often lose track of time when we are engrossed in things that do not bring us joy. We lose the ability to find peace when we envelope ourselves into acts that do not soothe, but cause us distress.

When we settle for a life that lacks passion and intensity and we lose determination to fight for what we deserve, we begin to let ourselves down. I was once told, “There are many that die at 35, but continue breathing until they are over 70”. I am absolutely petrified of becoming one of many that lacks the luster to live life vigorously and boldly. I don’t know about you, but I am willing to stay adventurous no matter what the circumstances are. I want to live life with little to no regrets. I want to say I did what I wanted when I wanted. No matter what anyone has to say, I will say I loved every single minute of it.

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